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Retirement / Senior Moving

Let PMC help with your Retirement Downsizing Move

PMC is recognized as one of the top moving companies in the Puget Sound Region for many Retirement and Assisted Living Communities.  Our hard work and attention to detail in these delicate situations has created the trust, thereby establishing great relationships with many communities – Aegis, Merrill Gardens, Era Living, Emeritus, Leisure Care, to name a few.  Many communities with whom we work use us as their exclusive mover to do all of their move-ins:

“I’m so thankful for the great services PMC provides and over the years we have built a solid relationship.  The gentlemen at PMC Moving are definitely not your stereotypical movers; they’re courteous, professional, and understand how to deal with seniors at our community which is why I recommend them for all of our move-ins.” Barbara B.

As opposed to your typical residential move, when dealing with a move to a retirement community we understand that it won’t be an entire household and that difficult decisions often will need to be made.  “I know it’s cliché to say it’s a stressful situation, but for most people it is difficult leaving their home they’ve lived at for 30-40 years and I feel most significantly, it’s the change of daily routine and living environment.  This is where the extra attention to detail becomes a must because we know the day of the move is their first impression of the new community and their new life.”   John Alex Lutz, Owner

Our process for a move to a retirement community or assisted living, like for most other moving services, begins with the initial consultation where we establish all the important details for the upcoming move.  Often times, we’ll work with family members who are overseeing the move and we’ll identify what furniture pieces will be going, what items will be packed up, and any additional drop offs that may take place such as a donation delivery or items going to a family member’s residence.  We also assist with floor planning at the new apartment and implement a color-coded system to help distinguish what’s going where to facilitate the process on move day.  Behind the scenes there is lots of note-taking and planning involved, ultimately so we can execute an efficient and hassle-free move.  As the old adage goes – if you’re failing to plan, then you’re planning to fail.

“PMC did such a great job!  I was so impressed by their professionalism and outstanding attention to detail.”     Thelma G.

Below are the main services we provide within the scope of Retirement/Senior Moving:

STANDARD MOVE – The Standard Move is the most common moving service in the industry.  It is for customers who will be doing their own packing and just need experienced movers to move their belongings from Point A to Point B.

PARTIAL PACK – The Partial Pack moving service is designed for those customers who will be doing some of the packing and would like us to concentrate on certain articles, such as highly fragile items, dishware, lamp shades, etc.  It is also for those who may have started packing and realized how time-consuming packing can be and would like for us to finish the job.

ALL-INCLUSIVE MOVE – The All-Inclusive Move is perfectly geared towards those with very busy schedules and would like our expertise to help them with all aspects of their moving transition.  Under the all-inclusive we provide all packing materials and fully pack, move all articles and then unpack and accommodate at your new residence.

INTERNAL MOVE – The Internal Move entails transferring from one unit to another within the same building.  A good example of this would be doing a move from one apartment to another at a retirement community, or in a high-rise condo building.

All of our services include:

*Amount of personnel is based on amount of items to be moved as well as access at either origin or destination
Insurance Disclosure – PMC Moving is fully licensed and insured with both general liability and cargo insurance.  In your moving plan a basic value protection is included with the services.  State regulations (UTC) dictate that in the event of loss or damage to an item the carrier’s responsibility is $0.60/lb.  At PMC we only employ professional movers and with our strong attention to detail our damage claims are next to none.  However, for extra sense of security we do offer additional levels of protection in the event of significant loss or damage to your shipment.  We have two plans offering full value coverage one with a $300.00 deductible and one with no deductible.  Pricing is determined based on the weight of your shipment and your estimator can provide you with a more conclusive figure upon completion of the visual inspection.