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"Tyler, Paul and Jimmy were a very efficient and conscientious crew. Super careful and clean. Everything arrived at the destination 100%. No bumps or scrapes on anything moved or on any walls. Pleasure to work with them all." --see more reviews

Piano Movers

  • grand piano ready to be movedSpinet Pianos
  • Studio Uprights
  • Full Uprights
  • Petite Grands
  • Concert Grands

PMC Moving are experts at piano moving from 300lb spinet pianos to 1300lb concert grands.  Our standardized and coded moving procedures guarantee a safe and protected move for your piano.

  • Fully wrapped in heavy padding
  • Fully wrapped in water-proof covering when needed
  • Keyboard cover and lid locked
  • All openings and pathways on moving and receiving end check and double checked for clearance and turning radius
  • All stairs tested for safety and structural integrity to accomodate the piano weight
  • All movers wear high grip moving gloves for added slip protection
  • All pianos are moved upright or on base key end if required
  • All grand piano legs, lyre, and music rack removed prior to move
  • One mover per 100 lbs of piano
  • Piano securely strapped and anchored in the truck