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After You’ve Moved – Tips for Unpacking

If you’ve moved before, you know that unpacking often takes longer than packing everything up in the first place. If you’ve planned out your packing process beforehand, things should be simpler on the other end, but we’ve got a few of own tips on how to unpack after you’ve moved:

Essentials First

This doesn’t just mean the toiletries box – unpacking takes a while, so having a small bag of clothes for a week or so readily available is a good way to reduce stress. Don’t scramble around, digging through boxes for a specific shirt or shoes; save yourself time by having your wardrobe planned out. Don’t forget a few sets of grubbies for more grueling tasks inside the house!

Easy, Healthy Food

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the last thing you want to worry about is finding all your kitchen gear and whipping up a nutritious meal. Making meals ahead of time and using the leftovers in your new home is just one less thing to stress about while you unpack. Sure, it takes more time beforehand, but it’ll be such a welcome relief after hours of unpacking. And no, pizza delivery doesn’t count.

Make a List

As you unpack, you’ll inevitably discover smaller tasks that need to happen before a room can be put together. We’ve all discovered a few places where the previous tenants might have missed their cleaning duties, so keeping a list of things of chores will keep you focused on macro-level tasks and not neglect the small stuff later on.


Let’s face it: moving is exhausting work. After a full day of unloading and unpacking boxes (travel time aside!), you’ll probably just want to sprawl out on the couch (or floor, if your seating is buried under boxes) and catch a long movie. Or, having a TV show running in the background can take the edge off some of the more mundane tasks. Take it from the experts: the TV should be the last thing to go out of the old house and the first thing you hook up at the new place. Trust us.

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