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How to Vet Your Moving Service

Professional Moving Company, LLC offers just that – professional, high-quality moving service to customers in the Greater Seattle area. Sadly, not all moving companies are reliable, trustworthy, or even legally allowed to provide said moving services. Customers can receive less-than-optimal service, endure loss or damage to their belongings, and maybe even deal with inequitable fees and charges.

Before your move, here are some important steps you should take to vet your moving service before you book them:

  • Check their license. Is your moving service company licensed to do business? If you are moving within Washington State, or employing a moving company based in Washington, search for the company on the State’s Department of Revenue website to verify their licensing status. If you are moving between states, check with the U.S. Department of Transportation in a website search of registered movers. You should also check out the company on consumer protection sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).
  • Verify their insurance. Ask your potential moving service to provide proof of insurance, and request information about how to file a claim with their insurer, should your property be damaged in the move.
  • Ask about their inspections process. If your mover provides a flat-out estimate without seeing your home or the amount/condition of items that you need moved, this is an immediate red flag. You can almost assume and expect that you will likely be charged more for the move. A professional moving service will schedule a visual inspection to assess the job and provide a more reliable estimate. Remember, by law a mover is required to complete the move for no more than 10 percent more than the total price quoted in the non-binding estimate they gave you.
  • Get multiple estimates. Before you can choose the right moving service company, you should shop around a little bit. And not just for the lowest price; sometimes, low estimates can be symptoms of a less-than-reputable moving company, or they may make up the charges in additional fees later. And you should never trust a moving company that requests or demands a cash deposit before the move.

Finally, you should read the government’s literature on “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” for more information and helpful guidelines.

Contact PMC Moving, LLC for a professional, high-quality move that meets all of the above points!


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