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Tips for Downsizing Before Your Move

There comes a time in life when downsizing is a necessary and smart decision. Many factors can influence the decision to move into a smaller living space—less maintenance, financial reasons, kids moving out, the need for assisted living, etc.

PMC Moving is here for you when it comes time for the big move. Our moving services include special assistance to those planning to downsize or move into a retirement community. Our trained, experienced staff will help you strategize your move with items to bring and arranging your new home. Leave the logistics and heavy stuff to us— follow these guidelines to make your downsize as smooth as possible.

De-clutter early

Don’t even think about dragging junk along on the move. Start getting rid of things early—try an item a day, or a bag a week. Consider all options before throwing things away, such as donating to a local charity or recycling. Starting this process months in advance will make packing much easier. Focus on things you never use—if you have a bunch of stuff that just sits in the attic or garage, chances are you won’t use it at your new home either. Choose sentimental items and collections wisely—rid yourself the hassle of transport if these things aren’t necessary.

Cater to your new space

Does your new home have a yard? If not, time to rid yourself of the lawn mower and gardening tools. No patio? Then no need to take the deck furniture. Also consider how many people will be living in the new space. Eliminate duplicate items that you may have needed when the kids lived at home, such as an entire set of utensils and glassware.

Keep multi-function items

Downsizing means less space, and therefore extra rooms with storage will not be part of the picture. Keep furniture that can be utilized in different ways, such as couches that have fold out beds for guests or dining tables with folding leaves. Ditch the decorative furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose.

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