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Are you planning a move? When it comes to hiring local movers, Redmond residents are rightly cautious. In part due to horror stories that someone you know has given to a mover or just what you hear on the street. It also stems from a strong “do-it-yourself” mentality – is it really worth that much money?
PMC Moving is different than many other moving companies – college educated and professionally run. We take pride in our genuine work ethic and professionalism, and are dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our trained, professional movers will treat you and your belongings with maximum care and respect, completing their jobs with speed and efficiency. We use only the best boxes and equipment and our trucks are always clean and well kept. We want to rise above the stereotypes set by other local movers. Redmond residents have come to know PMC and the top-notch service we provide.
PMC Professional Moving Saves Friendships
Why is it so important to hire a professional mover? Why not rely instead on family and friends when planning a move? While calling upon acquaintances may seem like an easy solution, in the long run, it probably won’t work out as well as you’d like. Often times, people who say they will come to help move fail to show up or only stay for a short time, leaving you short-handed and scrambling to get it all done, while paying for a truck by the hour. Although well-meaning, most people are not well-versed in the proper way to move many items, such as large pieces of furniture and other bulky items. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, many individuals wind up hurting themselves or damaging property in the process.
There is also a science to loading a moving truck to ensure that all items stay secure and undamaged during transit, balances the weight on the truck, and which also expedites the off-loading process. Finally, although not intentional, family and friends are often unintentionally distracted from the task of moving by over socialization: stopping to relax, talk, have a drink, or eat a slice of pizza can be disruptive to the process, slowing things down considerably.

Redmond Movers that Stay On-Time and On-Task

At PMC, our professional movers are experienced in moving any size household. We know how to move large furniture, appliances and other bulky items without causing injury to either person or the property. We stay on task, pack efficiently and with care, load the truck properly, and get the job done within the prescribed time. With PMC as their local movers, Redmond residents know the job will be done right and on time.
PMC is among top rated moving companies. Redmond testimonials tell the story, see what we mean. Call today and find out more about the many moving and relocation services we offer. PMC Moving has been exceeding expectations for years, and we want to be your choice for local movers. Redmond residents can request a free, in-home assessment and price quote. To see a list of recent movers, Redmond customer’s are shown on the map here.