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Office Moving


  • moving into a new officeWeek End Moves
  • Relocations
  • Internal Moves
  • Packing/unpacking
  • Furniture assembly/dis-assembly
  • Prior to move planning and logistics
  • On-site supervisor / traffic coordinator

We know office moves.  We know that speedy moves mean less office disruption.  That is why we offer weekend moves, holiday moves, and night moves.  We scale to meet your time frame requirements.

To keep things on track we prior to move planning to scope out the move from and the move to location for most efficient routing, obstacle identification, labeling and move order.  We staff up to meet the allotted time based on building logistics and routing.

All moves are run by a logistics supervisor that makes sure efficiency is maintained, all goods get to the proper place and nothing is missed or damaged.  They will also keep you fully informed before and during the move.

We may be the least expensive moving contract you receive but no matter what we will be the leave costly move you can make.


Non-interfering moves


We can work around your schedule and provide night, after hours, week end, or holiday moves so your productivity stays in tact.


Building to building moves


Downtown to downtown, downtown to office campus, or office campus to downtown we know the traffic permits, building scheduling and ingress and egress routes to make your move run smoothly.


Within the building moves


Moving a group from 3rd floor to the 4th floor? We can do it with aplomb, while staying out of your staff’s way.  Packing, unpacking, assembly, dis-assembly and moving.  We make it is easy on you and your staff.


Packing and unpacking


Let us do the heavy work and limit your insurance exposure.  We can pack, label, transport, and unpack your employees’ office items as well as your shared areas.  We’ll photo your set up prior to tear down so we can reset the far end as close as possible.


Assembly and dis-assembly


Modular offices?  We can help tearing down and setting up modular offices and furniture.  Make your move as simple as possible by contracting the entire process to us.