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Seattle Moving? Choosing a Moving Company

The stress of moving is only exasperated by adding a new city into the mix. Unless you’re hauling everything yourself or abandoning all your worldly possessions, you’re probably going to need a moving company to haul your stuff. Without experience with companies in your area, it can be difficult selecting the right company. Here are a few tips for choosing a moving company:

Check their References

If a company gets good references, they’ll let you know. If they don’t advertise them on their website, they probably don’t have them. When was the last time a company tried to hide their good reviews? It’s a bad omen, so beware the shady operators. If you can, ask around to your friends and coworkers in the area to see if they’ve heard any good things. Good word spreads fast, but so do bad words.

Are They Professional?

A lot of moving companies simply trudge through your house, grab your stuff, and get it to the truck as quickly as possible. Then they speed to your destination and plop it in your new place. They try to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible to get onto the next job. PMC Moving stresses our professionalism, cleanliness, and high level of service. We use carpet masks and hardwood floor protections to ensure your surfaces are protected from accidental damage and dirt.

Other Services

If you’re moving house and need to get rid of a lot of stuff before you move, does your moving company offer junk removal? What about pianos? And when you need new furniture delivered? PMC Moving offers all of these services and more – check out our other capabilities here!

When you’ve got your destination and new place squared away, make sure your stuff gets there safely and easily. Contact PMC Moving today and let’s get started.

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