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More Than Movers: Our Other Services

At PMC Moving LLC, we’re known around the Puget Sound region as the top moving company in the area. However, you may not be aware of some of our other less-advertised services, which we’ve highlighted below:

Piano Moving

That’s right! No more strained backs, ropes and pulleys, and chipped doorframes! There’s a reason piano moving is depicted as such a monumental and stressful task in popular media: it is! Trust PMC Moving to care for your oversized instrument and transport it safely.


If you or an elderly family member is moving into a smaller, more manageable space, we can help you downsize and transition your belongings into a retirement community or single-level apartment unit. We can help recommend what items you should bring and can assist you with arranging your belongings at your new place.

Furniture Delivery

Don’t trust your new purchase to the furniture company. Their delivery drivers aren’t properly trained and are often underpaid – we can handle new furniture deliveries and can even assemble it and place it wherever you want it to go!

Professional Staging Services

We have experience working with a great number of real estate agents in the area positioning and preparing homes for sale. Contact us and we can take care of the staging process to sell your home faster.

Long-Distance Moves

We can move you throughout the state of Washington, but we can also assist in longer distance moves and help smooth the process. Call us for more details.

Packing Services

We have professional, high-quality packing materials and experienced packers that know how to adequately and properly protect your items for long-distance storage and moving.

Unloading/Loading Services

We can help you load and unload large, bulky objects like furniture and place them in your new home. We’ve got a lot of practice and our backs are strong, so don’t strain yours!

Junk Removal Services

We can help you sort and dispose of unwanted and unneeded items in your home to declutter and free up some space in your home and dispose of it responsibly.

Contact us today to discuss any of our services and find out how we can make your moving transition stress-free, safe, and convenient!

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