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College Moving Tips

The day has come for your son or daughter to move out and begin college. Whether you’re preparing for an emotional goodbye or you can’t wait to have a new bonus room, the college move takes planning. Get organized and prepared early to ensure the send-off is a smooth, exciting experience rather than a stressful day.  At PMC Moving, our residential services can make the transition from home to the next four years quick and hassle-free. Our professional movers can assist in any type of college move, whether it’s into a dorm room, apartment building, fraternity, sorority, or house. Have your freshman follow these tips for an efficient college move:

Space-Saving Options

Say goodbye to the days of your own room with extensive closet and under-bed storage space. College-style living can definitely be a shock to incoming freshmen—be prepared to live like sardines. Make the most of your space with storage containers and multi-purpose items. Check out Target and Ikea for space-saving essentials.


That’s right, your living space might be so tight that it requires a set-up strategy. Talk to your roommate/s and make an arrangement for items that can be shared or communal. There’s no need to waste space with two microwaves or an excessive amount of lamps in one room.

Essentials first, decorations later

Can’t imagine life without your favorite beanbag chair or beaded curtain? Some sacrifices might have to be made until you get through your days in the dorms. Pack only what you need to live first, and then focus on decorations. Once everything fits nicely in your new room, you can focus on extra décor that will take up space.

Pack light

Perhaps the most obvious but necessary moving tip is to pack light, light, light! Leave behind all those clothes you don’t wear and books you won’t need for college. You’re beginning a new chapter in your life, so start fresh!

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