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Why hire a moving company

Moving comes with a lot of decisions. Whether it is apartment moving, office moving or house moving, any sort of relocation can involve a lot of emotions, stress and expense. After you have decided where you will be moving to there are still many decisions to make, one of the biggest ones is if you are going to do the work yourself (oh, my aching back…) or if you will hire a professional moving company to help you.  A simple move from  Sammamish to Issaquah is short work for a moving company but a major headache for a homeowner.

One of the biggest reasons to consider hiring a professional mover is time. Time is the only resource we cannot get more of.  It has been said “Time is Money.” With so many (sometimes unexpected) things to do around a move, it can be very helpful to have an experienced mover doing the heavy-lifting for you. They will make sure to have a big enough moving truck, so you don’t have to make that extra trip to move your piano, safe or that china cabinet that was handed down from your great-grandparents. Professional movers are prepared for the unexpected to help take the load off your shoulders during this time.

Moving Companies have plenty of supplies like hand trucks, moving blankets and bubble wrap to safeguard your valuable possessions during a move. In the event something is ever damaged they have insurance to cover the damage.

The risk of injury can be higher too. You don’t want to be like John in Bellevue who wanted to save a few bucks and thought he would do it himself only to break his leg and be out of work for 3 months due to the injury and go back to his job and get laid off! He would’ve saved thousands by hiring a moving service! The amount you could spend going back and forth in fuel to transport your belongings could quickly exceed the cost of hiring someone.

The final reason is to save some strain on your friendships! Your friends would much rather come help you break in your new home with a house warming party!

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