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Category Archives: Moving Tips

Seattle Moving? Choosing a Moving Company

The stress of moving is only exasperated by adding a new city into the mix. Unless you're hauling everything yourself or abandoning all your worldly possessions, you're probably going to need a moving company to haul your stuff. Without experience with companies in your area, it can be difficult selecting the right company. Here are a few tips for choosing a moving company: Check their References If a company gets good references, they'll let you know. If they don't advertise them on their website, they probably don't...
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Packing Your Office: Tips from PMC Moving

One of the biggest parts of our business is moving entire offices to a different or larger space. As you can imagine, this can be a complicated and stressful process, as the business doesn't want to interrupt workflow and productivity during the transitional phase. There's a lot of planning that's required and the actual moves tend to happen over the weekend, but there are a few things workers should understand and prepare for before the move happens. Here are our top tips on how to...
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How to Move to Seattle

Many people are transitioning to a new house, apartment, or office in 2015. Leases are expiring, rents are rising, and offices are expanding - plus, Seattle's growing faster than ever, so there are plenty of people coming to town who need some help settling into their first Seattle home. PMC Moving can help, but not just with moving your stuff. We've been in the area for years and know some tips and tricks on how to get around and make your move...

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