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Bothell Movers

When choosing movers, Bothell residents often consider many factors, including price, experience, reputation, customer service, and convenience. However, many individuals are unaware that, in the state of Washington, there are standards that every ethical mover must abide by as set forth by the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC). PMC Moving exceeds all expectations when it comes to experience, customer service, convenience, reputation and competitive pricing. In addition, we are properly licensed under the UTC, carry a current UTC permit, and consequently abide by all regulations and restrictions imposed by the UTC. Simply put, when it comes to Bothell movers, the top choice is PMC Moving LLC.

Tips for hiring Bothell Movers

Make sure your Mover has a valid UTC Permit
Under the consumer guide published by the UTC for all residents of the State of Washington, the UTC sets forth several important considerations for individuals choosing a moving company. First and foremost, it is against state law for any movers of household goods to operate in the State of Washington without a valid permit from the UTC. These regulations  are designed to protect consumers and therefore if a mover does not have a valid permit, the consumer is left vulnerable in the event of damage, theft, or unethical behavior. The UTC also recommends that, before hiring a local movers, Bothell residents get a written, signed estimate that they can rely upon. They should also request an inventory and check it for accuracy, Consumers are also urged to make sure that the lines of communication with the mover are open at all times, and to check the condition of their belongings prior to signing the final bill of lading for the goods.
Get a Written Moving Estimate that is Signed by the Mover
When you hire PMC Moving, you don’t have to worry about any of those UTC recommendations; we do them automatically! We provide an estimate that you can depend on. We’ll give you a detailed inventory and make certain that you understand every aspect of the move before it’s underway. We are fully insured so that there are no worries in the unlikely event that any of your items becomes lost, stolen or damaged. We specifically request that you check your goods upon delivery to make sure that everything is there and in good shape. You, as our customer, are our number one priority, and the lines of communication are always open. Our friendly, professional movers will treat you with absolute respect and courtesy, and are available to answer any of your questions, or direct you to someone at the home office who can.
For a truly worry-free, hassle-free move, call PMC today and let us show you why we should be your first choice among all local movers. Bothell residents can receive a free, on-site evaluation and quote for a customized move that is sure to suit their individual needs.