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Avoid These Moving Pitfalls

No matter how much time and effort you’ve put into the big move, mistakes happen. PMC provides a variety of moving services in order to customize a plan that fits your specific circumstances. By choosing PMC for your move, you are guaranteed a smooth transition of residence. Prevent these common moving pitfalls to make the big move even more seamless.

Trying to DIY
Even if you’re relocating to just down the street, a do-it-yourself move will likely not be as smooth or cheap as you thought. The wear and tear on your body and belongings may end up outweighing the benefits of a DIY move. There are many factors, such as extensive planning and heavy lifting, that go into a move, so make sure to realize the full picture before deciding to ditch professional movers.

Lack of planning
From packing to hiring a moving company, there is no time too early to begin planning for a move. Start by packing items you don’t immediately need, such as winter clothes or miscellaneous decorations. Take a look at our moving checklist for necessary tasks in the weeks leading up to the move.

Transporting unnecessary items will make your move longer and more of a hassle. A move is the perfect time to downsize belongings, donate, and recycle used items. It’s just like squeezing everything into a suitcase for a vacation—pack light!

No insurance
Uh oh, one of the movers just dropped your antique dish set… now what? Protect the possibility of damage with movers insurance. Moving is tough on your stuff, so insure your valuables are covered since accidents happen.

Forgot the survival kit
With the often hectic planning and packing process involved in a move, it is easy to forget to keep personal items handy. Be a smart mover and pack a survival kit, such as a backpack or large bag, to be kept with you while everything is in boxes. Remember to keep your toothbrush, wallet, phone charger, favorite pajamas, toiletries, and necessary medications handy.

Hiring bad movers
Don’t let a moving scam or stolen/damaged property add extra stress to an already exhausting move. Contact us at PMC Moving for professional, quality moving services you can trust.

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