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9 Box-Packing Steps for the Space-Saver

Early fall is a busy time for transitions, since college kids are moving out of Mom and Dad’s to head off to school, and families are hoping to get settled in a new home before the holidays hit. As you plan and prepare for your move, use these steps for efficient, space-saving box-packing…

  1. Choose the right box. Put books, dishes, and other heavy items in smaller boxes, so that moving them will be less strenuous. Always use sturdy boxes, and seal the bottom especially well to avoid literal moving ‘fall-out’.
  2. Start with the big. As you pack each box, put the large items in first and stuff the cracks with medium and smaller items.
  3. Use nesting tactics. Remember those Russian nesting dolls? Mimic their design as you pack, by filling space with smaller items.
  4. Don’t box bulky, easy-to-carry items. You’ll be wasting box space by packing a big, empty suitcase. Instead, use the suitcase as a box itself, and stuff it with smaller bags before moving it.
  5. Always pack fragile items with protection. Use bubble-wrap, newspaper, towels, and other cushioning items to protect fragile box contents from breaking in the move.
  6. Pack tight. When full, the contents of your boxes should not be able to move around at all. Fill the space in between items with packing peanuts to keep your belongings safe.
  7. Keep things light enough to carry. Even if you plan to transport big, heavier boxes with a dolly or cart, refrain from packing a box so heavy that it is unsafe to lift. A good rule of thumb is to keep the box around 30 pounds at most.
  8. Avoid mixing rooms in boxes. Of course, this can’t be much helped toward the end of your packing process, as more stuff almost always comes out of the woodwork. But, try to keep your box-packing organized by room – don’t put ‘Dining room’ stuff in a ‘Bedroom’ box, etc.
  9. Mark and label every box. You will never remember everything you put into every box. Mark each and every box with 1) the room it is being moved to, and 2) most important contents.

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