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5 Tips for Moving During the Winter

There are a multitude of reasons why they call summer “Moving Season.” It’s warm, the roads are usually good, and there are plenty of properties on the market. But there are many of our clients that find themselves needing to move during the cold months, so we’ve come up with a few tips for moving during the winter:

5. Prepare Your Old House

If there’s crappy weather while you’re packing up, consider taping down heavy-duty plastic over high-traffic areas on your carpet to avoid tracking in dirt, mud, and weather salt. Before movers arrive, test out the durability and use extra tape if needed. Making sure the house is accessible for movers – clear out snow in front of your house, ensure there’s ample space for the truck, and clear the sidewalks from ice and snow.

4. Have a Back-Up Plan

Talk to the movers in the days leading up to discuss things like weather and contingency plans in case things get nasty outdoors. It may be unsafe for large trucks to drive or at the least, cause delays that could rack up your bill. Find out what days they’re available and if the forecast looks bad, try to reschedule to make things easier for both you and the movers.

3. Prepare for the Drive

It wouldn’t hurt to keep an emergency kit, extra clothes, food, and tools at the ready in case of emergency during the travel. Have your car fully serviced and winterized before you leave. Keep a blanket, chains, warm clothes, and a shovel handy in your trunk, so don’t over pack or else you may need to do a lot of unpacking in the snow instead of at your home.

2. Get Heavy Duty Materials

Instead of investing in a bunch of disposable cardboard boxes, consider packing some items in clear plastic tubs. This may lead to reduced space available in your trunk or the moving truck, but if you fear your items may get wet during the move, this is a good waterproof, durable solution.

1. Prepare the New Place

Calling ahead or sending one family member to the new home ahead of time can ensure that heating, lighting, and electricity are available for your arrival. Your first night in a new place isn’t always ideal, but it’ll be worse if you’re shivering and cold in the dark.

Make your move hassle-free during any season of the year. Contact the experts at PMC Moving and we’ll take the load off in a professional, friendly manner.

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