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5 Things You Might Not Know About Moving

Everybody has tips for moving, ideas for how to prepare for a hassle-free move, and special suggestions to help you get settled into your new place more easily. What everybody doesn’t have is helpful, interesting facts that may benefit you (and your wallet) when you move…

In addition to being interesting, these five things you might not know about moving may help save you some money!

1. You could get a tax deduction for your move. If your reason for moving was for your job or a change in business location, you could be eligible to deduct your moving expenses (yes, including your PMC Moving cost!) from your income taxes for that year. Your move has to be closely related in time and distance to your new job. Click here for details from the IRS.

2. Moving from one city or country to another has actually been shown to be good for you. Relocating may feel like a pain in the moment, but it has actually been found to be good for you. Change, diversity, new cultures and experiences – all of these are some ways in which moving can affect your life for good.

3. With all of the times you move in your lifetime, professional movers could save you lots of money in damage to furniture and household goods. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 43 million people move every year in the United States alone, and the average person moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. With all of that moving going on, furniture is at risk for lots of dings and dents, and fragile pieces are in danger of breaking. Professional movers know how to securely package and protect your household goods to keep them safe through a move – cutting back on repair and replacement costs, and bringing you peace of mind.

4. Moving is tax-free! Since moving is a service, and not a physical item that is bought or sold, you will not be charged sales tax on your PMC Moving bill. This means that a safe, secure move with PMC might cost you a bit less than you had expected, since our quote won’t have tax added on at the end.

5. You should always, always get an in-person estimate. This is important for a couple of reasons… First, a legitimate, quality moving company will never give you a quote over the phone so you should be concerned if the company you’re speaking to does not offer in-person estimates. The other main reason why an in-person estimate is important is that the movers cannot assess the full extent (and therefore cost) of the moving project without visual confirmation. With an over-the-phone quote only, they may give you one estimate and then tack on several more fees on moving day when they inevitably find the job to be bigger than you described on the phone.

Save some money, and enjoy a more efficient move with these five things you might not know about moving!

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