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5 Steps Before Moving Your Business

Moving your business is usually an exciting step! You are probably either expanding to a larger or better location, or maybe you’re downsizing to become more efficient. Either way, your company is about to see some positive changes ahead, and this business move is the first big step.

Before the moving trucks arrive, follow these five steps to make moving your business as efficient and easy as possible!

  1. Complete physical planning. What is the floor plan of your space? Do you know where your current furniture, décor, and filing systems will go? You should plan ahead now, even going so far as to mark out on a floor plan where everything will go. Include your knowledge of the locations of data lines, phone jack locations, and places for shared equipment such as printers and/or fax machines.
  2. Delegate moving tasks. Even if your office or company does not have designated departments, plan ahead with your personnel to allocate different responsibilities to specific individuals and/or teams.
  3. Label everything. When moving a business, there are a lot more people involved, and this means miscommunication can be rampant. Make your life and the move a lot easier and label everything, not just boxes. Label all outlets, data lines and jacks, set ID numbers to correspond with the machinery that is supposed to move there, color code for different rooms, etc.
  4. Plan ahead with service providers. Phone companies, Internet, vending services, etc. If you wait until moving day to set up the transfer of service for any of these providers, you’re probably going to hurt your business with downtime. Don’t let that happen! Contact these providers ahead of time to schedule setup and testing before moving day, so that when you move, everything is ready to work when you are!
  5. Update your business information. You should update your website and any marketing materials with all new contact information before your move, so that your clients and customers know where to find you. Don’t forget to update your company listings on Yelp!, Angie’s List, and any other applicable ‘directories’ where your information is listed.

Contact us to schedule an office move! Professional Moving Company, LLC specializes in moving your business effectively, to help you get up and running as smoothly as possible.

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